Qld border pass system moves online from today

Queensland’s new border pass system comes into effect from today, but there will be a short changeover period for people to get used to the updates.

The new online system hopes to remove confusion in the application process, by automatically selecting the types of pass the applicant needs.

Supporting documents will also need to be uploaded online, and will be verified ahead of the border crossing.


That application process could take up to three days, with police urging applicants to make sure they get online early to get it done in time.

A QR code will then be put on the pass, which can be scanned by police at the border crossing and give them all the information they need.

Old passes are still being accepted, provided they haven’t expired yet.

There’s also a three day changeover period for those who’d still rather use the old pass.

Once the new system is in full effect, police are still urging border crosses to bring hard copies of all their documents just in case of online glitches.

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