QLD border reopening under threat by spike in Vic cases

A concerning increase in coronavirus cases in Victoria could hamper Queensland’s proposed border reopening next month.

Victoria has recorded 81 new cases in the last week, including several cases of community transmission.

The Queensland Government has flagged a July 10 border reopening, with a decision to be made at the end of this month.


But it has consistently warned that borders would not reopen while there was still community transmission in southern states.

Health Minister Steven Miles says the situation in Victoria will be taken into account.

“It certainly pushes the case for being very cautious about the opening of the borders that’s why we’ve said we’ll wait until the end of the month to assess it,” Mr Miles said.

“I think it underlines how irresponsible some of the calls to open the border early have been.

“We want to be able to see Victoria get on top of this local community transmission, I’m sure they will and once they do we’ll be very pleased to welcome southerners back to our state.”

Mr Miles has played down calls for Queensland to still allow travel from all other States from July 10 if Victoria does not have its virus situation under control.

He says he’s confident Victoria will be able to manage the situation.

“I think that’s what will occur. It would be very complicated to implement a lifting of the borders for some states and not others and that’s certainly not our intention.

“Our intention is to make an assessment at the end of the month to hopefully lift the border restrictions on the 10th of July.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situation in Victoria, they are doing a good job in challenging circumstances.”

Mr Miles has also defended the use of volunteer firefighters to monitor border checks.

“We have throughout this COVID crisis deployed the resources available to the state, to keep the state safe.

“That has often involved people doing roles that they wouldn’t otherwise do.”

It comes as Queensland records another day of no new coronavirus cases despite high testing rates across the State.

The total number of cases remains at 1066 while the number of active cases has fallen to just four.

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SA are doing a great job, can we be allowed to enter Qld… show proof of address, other than just rego plates.
The Caravan feels like IT has cabin fever.

Maybe other states took there own return traveller Vic would not have the problem. Clusters are contained

It would be nice not to be discriminated against because I live in Victoria. The area in which I live has had NO new cases of COVID since the first few weeks of the epidemic so why should I have my travel restricted based on community transfer? I understand concerns regarding this but surely there are other ways of dealing with this issue.

Testing prior to crossing the border?

Ow boohoo, you poor minority. Let’s change all the rules just for you.

Any excuse is better than no excuse. Qld never wanted to ever open its border again…

I live in Brisbane and would love our borders to open again as do most people. We rely heavily on the southern states for tourism.

Open the boarders for small business to survive