Qld brings in strict new travel rules ahead of school holidays

There’s fears Queensland’s decision to bring in new rules for all travellers across the country will have huge implications ahead of the upcoming Winter holidays.

Anyone who has been to a hotspot in the past 14 days, including all exposure sites in Greater Sydney, is now banned from coming to Queensland. 

The State Government announced the move yesterday after a further virus case popped up in Sydney, taking the cluster there to three.


A fourth case is also under investigation, however, it’s understood it could be an old infection.

Greater Sydney has not been declared a hotspot at this stage, however, anyone who has been to a Sydney exposure site and touches down in Queensland is being sent straight into hotel quarantine at their own expense for two weeks.

The State’s Health Minister has urged all Queenslands to reconsider their need to travel to Sydney as the situation continues to unfold.

The hotspot declaration for Greater Melbourne has been extended for a further seven days, putting the holiday plans of many residents there in limbo as they remain shut out from Queensland.

From 1.00am tomorrow, all travellers who touch down in the state will have to complete an online declaration up to 3 days prior to their arrival.

It’s part of Queensland’s new border pass system, which aims to help contact tracers in the case of an outbreak.

Depending on where a traveller is coming from, they will be issued with either a green or an amber pass, however, those living in border communities will be exempt.

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So much for being a country. This is exactly how communist countries opperate. Welcome to communism.

That seems a wee bit hyperbolic

But what about those vaccinated? What is the point of vaccination if they still have to go in quarantine? Oh wait, they don’t know if it works and the whole thing is a farce. Notice that it is Labour-run states that can’t manage without dictatorial rules.


Actually the vaccination stops you from getting the worst case of covid, it does not stop you spreading it. It’s much like the flu vaccine which just stops the symptoms from getting bad.

So you’re saying that the federal LNP government’s vaccination program is a farce?

twelve people in the UK who had both pfizer vaccinations have died, Hundreds more have tested positive. There is absolutely no guarantee that you cannot die from covid even if you have had both vaccinations. Pfizer is 88% effective against the new strain. AstraZenica is only 60% effective. However, it is correct that you are less likely to die from the virus if you have been vaccinated. Less likely, but not certain.

Histeria reigns in Labour ,it gets them noticed, they get there 5 minutes of fame, and because they can effectively lock you up , they can play these stupid games.This is also why the vaccinations are slow in rollout as they would have less reason for the restrictions,Oh but Labour Queensland still say even those vaccinated would have to quarantine, what a joke

Michael maybe should get your facts straight before you talk. The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread. Think might be brain washed by the LNP BS. Check the TGA and health website can find the truth re the vaccine there.

I agree. But I’ve noticed that almost all our news stations only give constant repeats of the covid situation in Australia. They rarely mention what has been happening in other countries. For example, in May the Seychelles, the country with the highest vaccination rate, caused concern for world health experts after a rise of Covid-19 cases among fully vaccinated individuals. People are not being told the truth here. I believe the reason for the slow roll out is down to nothing more than the ineptitude of those in charge of implementing it. The words ‘couldn’t organise a p**s up in a brewery’ comes to mind.

Hi yes I agree with David, Michael should get his facts straight before making a comment on line, where do you live?
I have had to cancel my flight to see my family for the 1st time in 6 years, I’m upset & sad plus I’ve done all of Melbourne’s Lockdowns on my own with not support family or friends near by 😯 to you Michael your just worrying about the politics.
It doesn’t matter where it’s Labour or Liberal or any other party, Politicians/Health Authorities need to be more transparent [upfront & honest] with info & not make it so complex to read information on their websites by repeating some of the same info & staff know the correct info when you call & ask for up to date info.

Why dont you all just stfu

Well said from a Karen .
I would rather be in Australia than any other country with this pandemic , these are hard times still on individuals and the community as a whole , but whinging about it doesn’t help .
Be grateful for the country we live in and the position we are in .
And to all you that have to whinge and whine , start up your own chat group where all of you can whinge and whine to your heart’s content .
And to anyone who doesn’t like my comment here , go f–k yourself !!!!