Qld cases up but Health Minister warns spike is still to come

Queensland has seen another increase in COVID-19 cases with 765 new infections overnight.

That’s up from the 589 reported on Friday.

There are now 2147 active cases across the state but hospital admissions remain low.


Just five people are being treated in hospital for COVID with no one currently in ICU.

Almost 34,00 tests were carried out across the state on Friday.

Health Minister Yvette D’ath confirmed today’s new cases are spread across 22 local government areas of Queensland.

“The virus is everywhere now and we have to assume that anywhere we go we could be exposed,” Ms D’ath said.

“So remember your masks, remember when you’re gathering with loved ones today, just be careful.”

The Health Minister warns the state is yet to see the full impact of COVID.

“We will get our spike, our spike is coming. New South Wales is obviously well ahead of us in terms of their numbers but we will get large numbers we’ve said this.

“We should prepare for this. We have expected it, we’ve planned for it and at the moment we’re close to a thousand cases. We will get a thousand cases a day, we will get more than a thousand cases a day.”

Ms D’ath says it’s inevitable that Christmas gatherings will lead to further cases

“There will be spread today from public gatherings, family gatherings and that’s why I say if you’ve got really vulnerable people in your household whether they’re vaccinated or not just be mindful of that.

“You may want to wear masks because that person is particularly vulnerable whether they’re a young person who can’t get vaccinated or an elderly person or someone with an underlying health condition they are at risk. ”

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