Social Distancing

Qld councils could be able to enforce new COVID-19 restrictions

Council’s across Queensland could be in for increased powers, as the state begins easing coronavirus restrictions.

From this weekend, playgrounds, outdoor gyms, barbecue areas will reopen around the state, while restaurants and cafes will also begin to welcome back diners.

However, a strict ten person limit will be in place for gatherings, with police preparing for a busy time monitoring all the new activity.


It’s understood that local councils could be give increased power to help enforce the gathering limits.

Newscorp reports that the state government is in discussions with councils on the matter, though it would cost councils a significant amount in extra staffing costs.

Gold Coast Council says they’ve offered up officers to assist Queensland Health.

“Council’s Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) have already been appointed as Emergency Officers (Contact Tracing) and are currently undertaking the necessary training to be appointed as Emergency Officers (General).

“Since early March, our EHOs have been assisting Qld Health with airport screening, contact tracing and compliance checks of people with self-quarantine orders.

“The City has also been in contact with Qld Health to offer further support by requesting that our local law officers, city parking officers and lifeguards are appointed as Emergency Officers (General) in order to support the State in regulating public health directions (e.g. social distancing) on Council controlled assets,” a Council statement reads.


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