Qld Doctors to discuss hospital capacity ahead of border reopening

Some of Queensland’s leading doctors are set to hold a roundtable meeting today to discuss what reopening the borders will look like for the state.

Many are concerned that the health system simply won’t be able to cope, as it’s already under immense pressure.

There are predictions that the Gold Coast University Hospital could be inundated with between 5,000 and 10,000 unvaccinated patients if the Delta variant was allowed to spread.


That would then put other patients at risk of not getting their treatments.

Roundtable chair Doctor Kim Hansen has told Nine Radio they want their concerns urgently addressed by the state government.

“We absolutely need more doctors, nurses and beds. We need more data, publicly shared about waiting times and available hospital beds.

“We need more timely access to emergency surgery, once patients are admitted,” Doctor Hansen said.

The Queensland Premier yesterday acknowledged that hospital capacity is a concern, but that it wasn’t a problem just unique to Queensland.