QLD drivers slapped with $90 million in fines for ‘slow speeding’

Think you won’t cop a fine for driving just few kilometres over the speed limit? Think again!

RACQ have today revealed Queensland drivers were slapped with around $90 million in fines for low range speeding in the 12 months between 1 November 2016 and 31 October 2017.

The data from the Department of Transport and Main Roads shows 66 percent of drivers who received a fine during the period were caught doing less than 13 km/h over the limit.


RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said RACQ was shocked so many drivers were risking their lives in the vain attempt to save a few seconds on their journey.

“It’s a waste of money frankly, and it does little to get you to your destination any quicker,” Ms Smith said.

“Most of those speedsters were caught by mobile speed cameras, proving police are out in force, and will catch anyone flouting the law.

“You risk not just a $168 fine and one demerit point, you could cause a serious crash.”

Ms Smith reminded drivers who mistakenly believed low range speeding was harmless, roads had limits for a reason.

“Speed zones are set after taking into consideration factors like road and traffic conditions and crash history,” she said.

“In a split second, the situation on the road can change, and speeding, even just a little bit, reduces the driver’s ability to safely react in time.

“We’re urging drivers to pay close attention to their speed before putting pedal to the metal.”