QLD drivers slapped with $90 million in fines for ‘slow speeding’

Think you won’t cop a fine for driving just few kilometres over the speed limit? Think again!

RACQ have today revealed Queensland drivers were slapped with around $90 million in fines for low range speeding in the 12 months between 1 November 2016 and 31 October 2017.

The data from the Department of Transport and Main Roads shows 66 percent of drivers who received a fine during the period were caught doing less than 13 km/h over the limit.


RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said RACQ was shocked so many drivers were risking their lives in the vain attempt to save a few seconds on their journey.

“It’s a waste of money frankly, and it does little to get you to your destination any quicker,” Ms Smith said.

“Most of those speedsters were caught by mobile speed cameras, proving police are out in force, and will catch anyone flouting the law.

“You risk not just a $168 fine and one demerit point, you could cause a serious crash.”

Ms Smith reminded drivers who mistakenly believed low range speeding was harmless, roads had limits for a reason.

“Speed zones are set after taking into consideration factors like road and traffic conditions and crash history,” she said.

“In a split second, the situation on the road can change, and speeding, even just a little bit, reduces the driver’s ability to safely react in time.

“We’re urging drivers to pay close attention to their speed before putting pedal to the metal.”

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It’s a shame the police don’t focus on those going under the speed limit, too – such as those doing 80KM/h or less on the M1 (which has a speed limit of 100KM/h)… Not only is doing such slow speeds actually a crime, but it’s a traffic hazard and in many circumstances, dangerous.

The amount of time I’ve been driving along the M1, only to find a car doing 80KM/h or even 60KM/h on the odd occasion is just ridiculous… It contributes to congestion and if a driver is not paying attention, could easily cause an accident.

Yuo sound like a typically ignorant and impatient driver. The law does not state everyone must drive at the full speed limit. IF you cant share the road with others who are slightly slower, then please get off the road. It is not all about you.

Absolute garbage , It is revenue raising , plain and simple , there is no reason that our speed limit should not be 120kmh . Using +/-10kmh as a cause for accidents is ridiculous , by that metric there would not be a driver left alive in Germany…

It is not speed , it is stupid driving , and even worse , it is LOUSY enforcement of the things that really matter to road safety , Lane Hogging / not keeping left, Tailgating/ following too close , sitting in blind spot , caused by the previous usually . That actually requires work on the part of our Police Force , so like all Govt decisions , they take the bottom feeder approach , create a disinformation campaign about speed to hide the reality and set up cameras to print money .

I note how many cameras are just down a downhill , so if you are using speed cruise , you often find that your speed creeps up a bit before it sorts itself out , and in that sweet spot is where our fine Police force decides to park their cameras…

Commonwealth games , a fine example of revenue raising , Be prepared is the story , due to extra traffic we are dropping the limits to help traffic flow .. Has it worked NO! Why ? because these lanes are clogged most of the time due to bottlenecks as the lanes steadily decrease from 4 to 3 to 2 , so decreasing the speed limit means 100 cars will get to the bottleneck caused by inadequate Infrastructure a few minutes later than normal , even more fun is at night when the roads are empty and one finally enjoy an uncrowded highway , LOWER SPEED LIMITS STILL APPLY , if I had any doubts about this being purely revenue raising the night time limits erased them in a blink.

You are absolutely correct about the revenue raising. Police are supposedly “governed” under of police policy regarding restrictions of the location of speed detecting devices to not set up operations on sites such as steep hills. Here in Gympie they routinely flout their own regulations and restrictions and only setup operations catching motorists at the bottom of hills. The victims of this charade have no idea that they may of gone a few kph over the limit as the added speed on the downhill run takes place under the influence of gravity (ie:- no perceived sensation of acceleration). The only solution is to treat every downhill run as potentially harboring a hidden predator lying in wait armed with a lidar gun.This is the real reason why Qld drivers have been milked to the tune of $90 million. So Qld drivers as you are subjected to slogans such as “Every K over is a killer!!!!!!!!!!” Let me share a more appropriate and relevant slogan with you,…..
“Every Hill Can Kill (your bank balance and license)”

It’s funny you say that, because countless overseas studies have shown that at higher speeds, drivers are more aware of the fact that an accident will be fatal, thus they tend to concentrate on driving more than they otherwise would… Of course, the likelyhood of walking away from an accident at higher speeds is pretty remote – but there tend to be less of them (accidents, that is) at higher speeds.

But higher and/or “open” (unrestricted) speed limits will never be widespread in Australia for two reasons:
1. Some people (*cough cough* Almost certainly younger drivers *cough cough*) would abandon commonsense completely if higher speed limits or “unrestricted” (no) speed limits were made commonplace; and
2. Australian authorities like to play the “Trump Card” and call “fake news” or “irrelevant facts” every time some “expert” overseas proves yet again that higher speed limits usually have fewer accidents (like clockwork, this argument has come up every time someone publishes such a study overseas – and they’ve done a LOT of studies on this subject).

MyGC.com.au why do you let RACQ and the Department of Transport PR departments post Advertorials on your news feed? Why would you print what has to be their intentional double negative misleading line “doing less than 13 km/h over the limit.” That’s complete PR rubbish! Say the truth 66% of all speeding fines are for those 13km/h or UNDER the speed limit. I know they theoretically mean the same thing but the PR spin focuses on and ends with the word OVER making it feel like we’re talking about 13k and over. Further, when you make these claims provide the data. If you are going to put a link to the Department of Transport’s justification of 90million of low-speed fines than put a link to the data – not the website where you can’t find the data. I think we all agree 13kmh is speeding and over 13km/h is reckless speeding. Tell us how many fines are for 10km/h and under, 8k and under and 5k and under. Then tell us how many accidents are happening at these low speeds. Be open and honest not PR generalistic and dramatic with no informative facts. In my personal opinion I believe this PR spin by RACQ and the Department of Transport is purely a setup to justify more red and speedlight camera combos like the total sham of Rudd and Bermuda. I live by this brand new Red and Speed camera which has got to be the current highest revenue raising speed camera and most dangerous on the coast with it’s constant flashing.

SLOW SPEEDING this ia deceiving headline.
It should’ve read LOW. RANGE SPEEDING.

Here I was thinking wow about time that the slow drivers were finally being dealt with only to read that you are talking about people doing 13km or less than the actual speed limit.
If you eliminated the slow drvers then you would find that people wouldn’t speed as much.
There’s been lots of times that I have followed behind a slow driver and felt that it would be safer for me to be in front.
The slow drivers are more dangerous as you have no idea what they are going to do.

What a load of rubbish! Why is it then that along the Gold Coast highway the limit changes from 60 to 70 back to 60 then sometimes 50 for absolutely no apparent reason?! They let you do 70 in a built up area and make you do 50-60 in barren areas. Absolute rubbish speed limit system. And then you get slow as snail drivers that just hold and bank traffic up.