Qld economy slips to sixth in Australia

The state opposition has hit out at the Queensland government, after new figures showed our economy has dropped down the state leaderboard.

According to the latest CommSec State of the States report, Queensland’s economy was overtaken by South Australia in the first quarter of the year.

This was before coronavirus starting hurting business and jobs.


The CommSec report considers dwelling commencements, unemployment, population growth, economic growth, equipment investment, housing finance, retail spending and construction work.

Queensland is now in sixth position on the performance rankings, and ranked third on relative population growth.

We’re ranked fifth or sixth on most of the other indicators and seventh on equipment investment.

LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander says these results aren’t good enough, and that our economic performance has ‘gone off a cliff’ under Labor.

“Queensland used to be an economic powerhouse, but thanks to Labor we’re flatlining.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s nine new taxes and cuts to infrastructure have weakened our economy, leaving us badly exposed to the economic hit of coronavirus.”

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government cannot run the economy and now they’re trying to hide their incompetence by cancelling this year’s Budget.

“Queensland is the only state with a Treasurer too scared to have a Budget.

“Labor have no Budget and no plan.

“The LNP will create jobs by building the New Bradfield Scheme, new roads and dams, delivering cheaper electricity, cutting red-tape and guaranteeing no new taxes.

“It’s time get Queensland working again and only an LNP Government can do it,” Mr Mander said.

For more on the CommSec report, click here.

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Yes Labour has been letting us all down whilst spending the budget well into the red.The unions tell them how to run it into the ground,I think approx 90 billion now.
I must say though that Annastasia and Jeanette have been working well with the federal govt and that is for all our benefits.
When we get back to normal it is definitely a time for a change of government, should have happened last election.

And they called it the Smart State. Nothing at all smart about it except a smartarse running it.

Yet the government is doing nothing about the bank’s harassing people, who have personal loans through them threatening to take legal action out on people like myself. I asked the Queensland government but no response. ???

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