QLD ELECTION | LNP’s promise of discounted licence fees to safe drivers

Good news if you’re a safe driver, you might be up for cheaper licence fees if the LNP win the state election.

The party has announced a new incentive plan, to reward drivers who are safe on Queensland’s roads.

It means that anyone who’s gone ten years without accumulating demerit points, can get their next licence for ten years, but only for the price of a five year licence.


LNP Leader Deb Frecklington hopes the incentive will reduce the amount of fatalities on our roads.

 “There are many sanctions applied to drivers who infringe traffic laws, other than insurance, there are no incentives to recognise and reward safe driving behaviour.

“For those drivers who have not accumulated any demerit points in the 10-year period leading up to their licence renewal, they will be rewarded with a 10-year licence for the cost of the standard 5-year one.

“Rewarding safe driving will save lives, it is as simple as that. Slowing down on the road could save your life and now it can save money as well.

“We want to see less carnage on our roads and if this initiative only saves one life, than it’s worth it,” Ms Frecklington said.

LNP Shadow Transport Minister Steve Minnikin says a lot of people could be eligible for the discounts.

“There are approximately 2.8 million drivers between the age of 27 and 75 who potentially would be eligible to secure a 10-year gold licence,” Mr Minnikin said.