QLD employers urged to offer domestic violence leave

Queensland businesses are being urged to offer extra leave for workers suffering from domestic violence.

It comes after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced at a White Ribbon Day event in Brisbane on Wednesday that public servants suffering abuse could access 10 days extra leave a year.

She has urged the private sector to follow suit, indicating there were already signs that it would. “This is about government driving cultural change and together we can make a difference,” Ms Palaszczuk said.


Several major businesses, including Telstra, the National Australia Bank and McDonald’s, already offer additional leave for victims.

Research by Deloitte Access Economics, launched on Wednesday, shows that by 2021/22 domestic abuse could cost the Australian economy $15.6 billion each year.

Report author Natasha Doherty said she was hopeful all businesses would offer extra leave to victims in the next few years and employers would implement other policies to help the wider community tackle the issue.

*National domestic violence helpline: 1800 737 732 or 1800RESPECT. In an emergency call triple-zero.


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Are you kidding, what a stupid idea wide open to abuse. Employers are employers but gov want us to be parents, mentors, therapists and so on and so on and so on. Are our polls that stupid? Allowing an employee to access their STD leave to deal with domestic abuse would be 1 thing but an extra 10 days on top of their STD leave???. We need to encourage sufferers of domestic violence to just up and leave, no if or buts. The cowardly courts need to punish the abusing cowards with the full extent of the law, (this is where pollies need to focus their attention, not leave).

This is the wrong approach. We have to stop domestic violence beforehand. Do you really think someone is going to say my partner bashed me last night and I want a day off work. People who suffer from domestic violence need to report it and maybe a good start is with the doctor who can record details. When it gets to a point where it should be reported to police then maybe they can front the person, give them a warning, make them attend anger management courses whatever and if that doesn’t work charge them and let the court sort it out.

Absolutely Ludicrous. Sick Leave needs to be changed to Personal Leave and businesses should not question your reasons why. What about all those that suffer from a mental health condition e.g Depression? Whether your a domestic abusive victim, addict, suffer from Depression or Cancer this should ALL come under Sick Leave/Personal Leave. Seriously this is joke. Address the issue. This just shouts out acceptance of domestic violence.

what a stupid idea soon we will have no one working as they get parental leave sick leave stress leave if your pet dies leave now domestic abuse leave. They could say I have been mentally abused because someone told them off and not to do that. What is this world becoming wimp society, deal with your own complaints on your own time. Just get over it. life is too short to worry about this and worry about that. stop all leave except if you have a bad illness. like the old days. Lets go back to the old days I think, People knew their responsibilities and didnt have time to worry about keeping up with the Jones’s No wonder the country is running out of money. Get a life