Qld Government backflips on controverisal NRL hotel balcony ban

NRL players and their families quarantining on the Gold Coast have been given the all-clear to again use their hotel balconies.

It comes after Queensland Health yesterday backflipped on their balcony ban, which was introduced last week after photos emerged of families passing food items between each other.

It prompted the State’s top doctor to issue the NRL with an ultimatum – one more strike and you’re out.


NRL families were ordered to send Queensland Health photos of their balcony doors gaffer taped, in order to prevent people from inadvertently opening them and breaching the rules.

But in a snap decision overnight, the controversial rule was overturned, allowing families to again access fresh air.

NRL boss Andrew Abdo informed the almost 500 NRL family members of the news on Thursday night.

“Queensland Health reserves the right to remove the privilege at any time should you not comply with the Public Health Orders,” Abdo said in a statement obtained by the Daily Telegraph.

“I want to stress that under no circumstances can items be passed between balconies.

“You must remain confined to your balcony and have no contact with other balconies. It is vital that you comply with all protocols or balcony access will be removed again”.

It comes just days after Wests Tigers star James Roberts was fined $7500 and suspended for one game after he was busted standing on his Surfers Paradise balcony.

Players who have been in hubs here on the Gold Coast have also ended their hard lockdown and are now allowed to go to the beach and play golf.

But pubs and nightclubs are off-limits.