QLD government ignores advice over Shark nets

The Palaszsczuk Government is ignoring results of a Senate Inquiry which said shark nets should be phased out as they cause more harm than good.

An upper house committee examined shark mitigation and deterrent measures across Australia but paid a closer focus to the use of mesh nets used in Queensland and New South Wales.

The report found the nets and traditional drum lines provided beachgoers with a false sense of security.


However, the Palaszsczuk Government issued a statement this morning saying, they’ll continue to use these measures as they have “undoubtedly saved lives”.

“In the last 55 years, only one person has lost their life to a shark at a protected Queensland beach. That is one too many but sadly, no measures are foolproof,” the statement said.

“Our submission to the Senate inquiry made it absolutely clear that the safety of humans is the priority and that any moves to remove the protections on our beaches will place lives at risk.

“Eighty-five of Queensland’s most popular beaches are protected by nets or drumlines in a program that has been supported by successive governments since 1962.”

A major concern of the shark nets is the impact it has on the wider ecosystem.

The committee found the effectiveness of the shark nets, in stopping sharks, was hard to evaluate.

They added encountering a shark was rare and any shark-related fatalities, injuries or near misses generated large media coverage and prompted community action.

“The committee is concerned that a heightened fear of sharks has led to responses that may calm the public and appear to provide an effective response but which are not verified by scientific evidence,” the report said.

Overall the committee handed down 20 recommendations including the NSW and QLD governments immediately replace lethal drum lines with new SMART technology.


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Well sharks are better than Humans our masters have decided. Mo money is sharks say..

Primitive and cruel it is indiscriminate and we could scientifically track large sharks and gather data supporting they are not interested in humans , they hunt fish and seals , simple as that. We dont kill dogs for licking their balls , do we?