QLD Government to inject nearly $1 million into dairy farming

The Queensland Government will inject almost a million dollars to give shoppers a better understanding about the milk they’re buying.

Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne announced a $960,000 funding package for marketing strategies to assist dairy producers on Wednesday.

The Minister said the legislation aims to assist farmers and local milk processors to help them compete with larger scale organisations.


“While the Queensland Government is not in a position to set fair milk prices, it is important for consumers to understand where their money is going and how it will support local dairy farmers,” Minister Byrne said.

“It will assist the Queensland dairy industry to develop its own ‘Fair Milk Logo’ scheme.”

The funding has been welcomed by the Queensland Dairy Farmers Organisation (QDO).

“This initiative will assist  farmers to promote their milk and give them a fair go,” QDO president Brian Tessmann said.

“It is a timely intervention that will help consumers make an informed choice and that has to be a positive thing.”