Qld government ramps up light rail demands as federal cabinet is sworn in

The Queensland State Government is penning a letter to Scott Morrison’s new cabinet this morning, demanding a fair share of funding for the Gold Coast’s light rail.

Stage 3A has been a funding tug-o-war, with both Council and the State determined to get more out of the feds.

Before the election, both the LNP and Labor had pledged $112 million for the extension down to Burleigh, and once elected the LNP said it still wouldn’t budge.


State Transport Minister Mark Bailey told myGC it’s just not enough, and will post the letter today.

“The new federal cabinet is only being sworn in this morning, after a week and a half of deliberation.

“So we will be writing to them today, about the need for a fair funding deal for Light Rail stage 3A on the Gold Coast.

“The Gold Coast needs its fair share of infrastructure funding from Canberra,” Minister Bailey said.

The State Government won’t be demanding anymore than the fair share (roughly another $157 million), which they believe the feds have been dodging throughout the various light rail installations.

“Along the lines of the arrangement for stage one, where we saw a 38 percent funding arrangement, which spread the load across all three levels of government.

“At the moment, they’re expecting the Palaszczuk Government to do all the heavy lifting, just as we did for the M1.

“And it’s just not fair,” Minister Bailey said.

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