Qld Government shares Federal Budget ‘wish list’

The State Government is calling for Queensland to be given its fair share in Tuesday’s Federal Budget.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Treasurer Cameron Dick have outlined a “wish list” of what they want to be funded by the Federal government.

Health and infrastructure are top of the list, with job and wages growth, and access to early childhood education also among the top priorities.


Ms Palaszczuk has called on Canberra to “borrow to build”, pleading for funding for a number of new projects.

“The Prime Minister has spoken publicly about borrowing to build,” the Premier said.

“That’s what we’re doing at a state level and that’s what we want to see in Tuesday’s Federal Budget, more federal funding for Queensland projects.

“Queenslanders deserve their fair share. That’s all we’re asking for and that’s what we hope to see on Tuesday night.”

The State wants the Federal Government to forgive Queensland’s $263.1 million historical housing-related debt to support growth in the social and affordable housing sectors.

They’re also calling for $32 million to build on the $10 million already invested by the Queensland Government for the new Robina Tafe campus, to meet demand in the southern Gold Coast region.

While the State also wants the Federal Government to commit to ongoing, targeted support following the expiry of JobKeeper for Queensland’s regions and businesses, in particular the tourism sector.

Treasurer and Minister for Investment Cameron Dick said it was time for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “stop announcing and start delivering.”

“Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week showed that in 2020, more than 30,000 people from elsewhere in Australia moved to Queensland… that’s more than 80 people choosing to become Queenslanders every single day,” he said.

“This population gain is good for Queensland, because it’s a driver for jobs growth and economic growth… But we need to be able to accommodate these new Queenslanders, and give them the access to housing, health and education that all Queenslanders deserve.”

The Treasurer said he is “particularly concerned about a group that is the fastest growing cohort in Australia of people at risk of homelessness – single women who don’t own their own homes.”

“We know that over time, the Federal Government needs to boost the superannuation holding of women in particular, but right now there’s an urgent need to help women approaching retirement,” he said.

“In the budget, Scott Morrison needs to stop the spin and actually deliver for these vulnerable women through Commonwealth grant assistance.”

The Federal Budget will be delivered by Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Tuesday, May 11.

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What have you done over the last 6 years to help alleviate some of these concerns?
What happened to all your election promises? NOTHING!
Now you expect the Feds to bail out QLD and make you look good.
Get out now and give QLD a chance to pull back your deficit and reduce hard workers taxes.

All this talk now about chef shortages. We have enough. The reason why is housing is too expensive. All the old chefs came back to work on our island because rent is less than half than on the mainland. But bring in more immigrant workers anyway.