Qld government slammed for overcrowded prisons

The opposition has hit out at the Palaszczuk government for failing to ‘plan for the future’ and not doing enough to address overcrowding in prisons.

It comes after shocking figures were revealed by Newscorp, showing numbers in Queensland prisons is at an unacceptable high.

In Southport court yesterday, while sentencing a man who had breached parole, Magistrate Brian Kucks commented that “because prisons are full, people who are breaching their parole are not suffering what (they should) suffer and that is going straight back to jail,” he said, as quoted by Newscorp.


It was also revealed that in some cases, parole and probation officers have at times been hesitant at reporting breaches as well.

This morning, opposition leader Deb Frecklington told myGC the 30 percent overcrowding rate is shocking.

“Overcrowding in Queensland prisons is a serious issue, and it has stemmed from the fact that Annastacia Palaszczuk has failed to plan.

“Two elections ago, Annastacia Palaszczuk actually cancelled a proposed prison redevelopment for around Rocky, and now we’ve seen major overcrowding in our state’s prisons.

“We need to be tough on crime, we need to be making sure that if you do the wrong thing, you do the time.

“But that means we need beds for the prisoners,” Ms Frecklington said.

Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan has assured that a south-east Queensland facility will be expanded by 2023, adding another 4000 beds.

Though with data showing that imprisoned Queenslanders are up almost 3,000 people in the past five years (according to a Queensland Productivity Commission reports), concerns are that an extra 4,000 beds in four years time still won’t cut it.

“What we see now with these shocking figures, is the fact that Annastacia Palaszczuk has failed to plan for the future,” Ms Frecklington said.