Qld Government to review sexual consent education in schools

The State Government has announced it will review sexual education in Queensland schools to ensure the current curriculum “adequately addresses” consent and reporting.

Education Minister Grace Grace has asked the Director-General to work across non-government and state education sectors to explore whether the issues are covered in education at schools.

The move comes following recent claims by thousands of young people, who have come forward about their past experiences at schools across the country.


“Young Queenslanders have been sharing their personal stories of disturbing behaviours, including sexual violence, during and after their school years,” Ms Grace said.

“Education can play a role, and Queensland introduced compulsory respectful relationship education into state schools in response the Not Now, Not Ever report of the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland.

“I have asked the Director-General of my department to work across the non-government and state education sectors, P & Cs and school communities to explore whether current Australian curriculum and respectful relationships education adequately address all issues, including consent and reporting.”

However, Ms Grace said it’s also important to note that parents also have a role to play in educating their children.

“It is a responsibility of parents, carers and society more broadly to educate and support young people in addressing issues of sexual harassment, assault and consent,” she said.

The issue is also expected to be discussed at the Government’s Sexual Violence Prevention Roundtable this week.

“With this, I’m looking forward to working with the Director-General and all stakeholders, to hopefully come up with some good changes that will address some of the issues, particularly around consent, reporting, respectful relationships and is it hitting the mark,” Ms Grace said.

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