Qld Government travel vouchers: How to access your free $200!

Queenslanders will be paid to take a holiday, thanks to an exciting tourism voucher scheme by the State Government.

The Premier has confirmed a total of 15,000 vouchers worth $200 will be offered in a bid to encourage Queenslanders to explore the state’s far north and boost tourism.

“15,000 travel vouchers worth up to $200 are up for grabs for Queenslanders to discover Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.


The vouchers will give Queenslanders a 50% discount on eligible tourism attractions, to the value of $200.

The State Government says the joint initiative with Tourism Tropical North Queensland will ease the pressure on the struggling region, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

“Tourism has taken a hit during the pandemic, and those who depend on international visitors have been doing it particularly tough – especially up north,” the Premier said.

“So if you’ve ever wanted to visit Tropical North Queensland, now’s the time – Queensland is the place to be!”

Queenslanders will have three days to apply for a “special voucher code” to spend on tourism experiences in the Tropical North from tomorrow.

If successful, it’s hoped the scheme will be rolled out across the rest of the state.

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Is that the best the Qld. Gov. can do Seriously,??
The FNQ Tourism Industry is on its knees, due largely to the trigger happy Southern vote catching action of the Premier…and all she can offer is $200..while at the same time demanding the Feds subsidise her actions. How about things like..Reduced Stamp Duty on Insurance Policies..Lower Commercial Vessel Berth Fees .. Pay Roll Tax Relief for the Industry …The list goes on.
A recent survey highlighted that on a per capita basis Qld. Provided the lowest level of COVID support of any State or Territory.

Back to you Premier and that “Paper Shredder “/Deputy of yours.

No matter what they do some people will not be happy. They could do nothing at all. $3’000’000 is a lot of money

15,000 x $200

And from 5 past 12 they will be gone and North Queensland will all add 50% price rise to everything…….cost a lot to visit…..

It’s all on borrowed money anyway.
Nothing she has done has generated income for this state except for taxes!

Everyone should visit New South Wales at least we know the border is open and stays open…….

NSW is a s***hole. Move there then, we don’t need ya.

Why visit NSW there are better attractions here in qld.msw had nothing compared to Qld.

Clearly Queenslanders can’t spell nsw.

The M stands for Mexican…

No thanks
decisions are too unstable
you will book everything then close it 2 days later

i don’t understand how she got voted back in.

Don’t forget the budget that never was and the 270 million borrowed then to give 3 million to Cairns good old days of Joe’s Labor party back in business when will interest rates go back to 18% to get this government out of trouble!

Democracy is such a nuisance. Myanmar has solved that problem.

She got voted back in because she stopped stopped covid destroying Qld the way it did everywhere else.

Too bad the vouchers are just for Cairns. Spare a thought the the rest of Qld that relies on tourism.

She is a moron as stated earlier how about some tax breaks whenever you off vouchers like this some mongrel finds a way to scam it and this it.

Give small business tax breaks and incentive to grow or send workers for extra training during the down turn. Help employers improve Thier employees. Forget the instant asset write off give small business grants. Lower personal taxes so people have more disposal money to spend at these attractions.

Seriously 50% off to the values of 200 is worthless when people don’t even have the money to begin with.

Wow she’s damned if she does dammed if she doesn’t , what a pack of whiners , how about you say thanks and then be a little more constructive . As a traveler going to North Qld in May I already think operators are not doing a lot to make Domestic Travelers feel welcome with all the criticism that Aussie guests .

Just like you, she is a moron. What about the rest of Queensland? She now demands The Federal Government pay her for shutting her borders, what a hide? All of QLD is suffering and she wants to help Cairns??? She has sent The State broke and now doesn’t know what to do. Max.

Yes! Thanks for putting us in debt for the next 50 years, and ruining the economy for lots of hard working tax payers who are also now subsidizing your government pay rises and jobs for the boys mentality.
$200 does not even cover the cost of 1 adult to take a trip out to the reef.
Aussies are not stupid and know when they are being ripped of by overcharging tourist operators.

Your are all a bunch of whiners and wingers 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 ungrateful bunch. If you don’t want to travel or help tourism industry or Queensland’for that matter the just STFU 😤 😤 😤 😤 like they say “IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY THEN JUST DON’T SAY NOTHING AT ALL

Its not about the winging and whining its about the free handouts that we cannot afford.
How about pricing to entice visitors not expecting tax payers to subsidize operators who
charge exorbitant prices to keep themselves profitable.
The handout mentality needs to stop and if you cannot make a go of it then move on to something else.
Like the rest of us.

This is called an opinion, you voicing yours is also an opinion. But yours is a screaming opinion. As you can see the majority are unhappy with the premier!!!

obviously not too unhappy at election time

Sorry they forgot to mention that you need to work or be employed by the QLD government to be eligible!

maybe that’s why my request was blocked…????

Another good way of getting peoples data for free

How do you get the vouchers?

From the FAQ page…..”A travel agent/tour desk can make the booking on behalf of their client, but no commission is payable.”

So, once again Travel Agents are expected to work for free again……

Travel Agent is not a real job. Stop j***ing it, idiot.

Can’t get through to apply

$200 is nothing – no need to apply. Just book a holiday and go regardless. Moron

Tried to apply and it says both my email addresses are not valid. Visiting cairns in June so disappointed but nothing I can do about it.

$200 is what, 2 hours work. You can’t be serious if you’re applying for this s***…

2 hours work? lol yea coz we all make 8K a week

how many hours in YOUR week??

My Norton anti virus phone protection blocked my access to the site. Be careful people!

Why just the north of QLD why not all

$200… ya kiddin… make it 2k

50% of too much, is still too much!

How do you get this voucher.

We are planning on taking our honeymeen now and came at a great time. But I dont know how to get this voucher?

[…] to Queensland.com to join the […]

[…] Queensland.com to sign up for the […]

[…] to Queensland.com to enroll in the […]

My request was blocked…why ????

how do you claim this voucher? I clicked on the link and it just went to QLD website. Cna someone put a clean direct link up please

Please help us. I’m finding it impossible to navigate.

Know they set these up so no one can win – public, tourist destinations or businesses

[…] Queensland.com to sign up for the […]

On the last comment. Something is better than nothing. There are jobs out there, for those who lost them. You just have to try. The tourist industry world wide has been affected not just Queensland. Those businesses who have chosen to think outside the square are managing to make ends meet until international travel resumes. As far as assistance goes, it cuts both ways. You have to go out and try to find whatever job you can to make ends meet, until things start to recover. But if you sit back expecting handouts then you are dreaming. Regardless of who you are, everyone has been affected in some way. Some more than others. Negative comments are not going to help our country get back on its feet. Besides if you feel you can do better than our current governments put your up and get elected. Then let us send some vitriolic statements in your direction.

How do I find out if I’m a lucky voucher recipient?

How do I know if I won a voucher?

$200 for tourism for the bush April Winton festival September Birdsville races no government media for activities no tourism support only reef and Cairns not all qlders want these activities support for all tourism but Labor government have to to win the next election and this is where they need to sweeten it for Albo to win go Anna political not tourism or it would be for all tourism !