Qld govt announces MILLIONS in funding for Koalas, threatened species

The Queensland Government has announced a sizeable funding commitment to help the state’s threatened species.

$24.6 million will be spent to protect Koalas across southeast Queensland, while nearly $15 million will go to Queensland’s Threatened Species Program.

It assesses, protects and recovers species most at risk of extinction.


Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon says it’s critical work within the Sunshine State.

“Queensland is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, so it’s incredibly important that we protect those threatened species in particular.

“This funding will help us do so much work for our much-loved koala population but it also allows us to do some really important work for threatened species as well.

“We have some really good conservation success stories in Queensland whether that be the bilby, the green turtle, through to the northern hairy nose wombat.

“We want to make sure we can ramp up some of that work – do important work in places like Wild Duck Island which we’ve recently acquired.

“We know there’s a huge flatback turtle population there that we want to do more restoration work on.

“There’s so much that we need to do to protect these species, and this nearly $40 million allows us to do that,” Minister Scanlon said.

More to come.