Qld govt committed to second M1 amid fears project has stalled

There are fears the state government has gone dark on the Second M1 “Coomera Connector” project, with no word from the state government in months.

A local councillor took to Facebook this week to provide and ‘update’ to residents on the project, which was supposed to be in its consultation phase.

Though the update is – there is no update.


The state government appears to have stalled on the project, with the proposed consultation period seemingly ‘deferred’ or ‘shelved’ according to Division 2 councillor William Owen-Jones.

“In the August 2019 Local Newsletter I had passed on the advice from the Department of Transport and Main Roads that they would shortly be commencing public consultation regarding their proposed “Coomera Connector,” Councillor Owen Jones posted on Facebook.

“Fast forward to October 2019, and it would appear that the proposed consultation has now either been deferred / shelved until later in the year.

“The State’s project website now says, in part, the following:-

“Community information sessions are being planned along the length of the corridor to gain community input into the short-listed options. The community will also be able to provide feedback about the project online. Details will be provided when known,” the post reads.

Councillor Owen-Jones says the lack of communication over the project has been ‘pretty frustrating’, and locals are starting to get concerned.

“The most recent publicity regarding the proposed new heavy rail stations has again raised questions from residents about how the proposed road infrastructure will interface and connect with Hope Island Road / Monterey Keys / Riverlinks / Riverdowns / Helensvale / The Surrounds.

“Given the proposed “Coomera Connector“ also appears destined to plough through the 400 car spaces beside the light rail it’s maybe something the State should be letting the public know about…” the post reads.

Though Transport Minister Mark Bailey told myGC today that there hasn’t been a delay, and has promised that consultation will be underway by the end of the year.

“That’s what we’ve always said, and that’s what we’ve got planned.

“We want to make sure it’s thorough and genuine, and that’s what will happen.

“So I can give people that absolute assurance, that they will have every opportunity, in a variety of different ways, to submit and let us know their views.

“We want that as an important part of the project and it will certainly happen.

“As soon as we have specific details, we’ll be letting people know ASAP through the media and online.

“We’re very keen to hear peoples’ points of view, it’s an important part of getting the project right,” Minister Bailey told myGC.

myGC contacted Councillor Owen-Jones for comment, though he’s yet to return our call.