Qld govt confirms support for businesses affected by lockdown

The state government has confirmed that some support is on its way for small to medium businesses affected by southeast Queensland’s lockdown extension.

11 local government areas, including the Gold Coast, will now have to remain in lockdown until Sunday at 4.00 pm, following another 13 locally acquired cases overnight.

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In what is now the second lockdown within a month for the southeast region, the state government has recognised the need for business support, including for the tourism industry.

The treasurer has this morning announced that small to medium businesses impacted by the lockdown will be eligible to receive a $5,000 grant.

“Previously, we’ve seen Queenslanders respond to business out of short, fast lockdowns,” Cameron Dick said.

“And we’ve seen retail trade activity and consumer spending bounce back significantly after short lockdowns.

“But now we’ve had two lockdowns in the space of one month. And that just hasn’t allowed Queensland businesses to be able to recover from the impact of the first lockdown.

“So today I’m announcing a $260 million package to support Queensland businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises,” Mr Dick said.

The grants won’t just be available to businesses that are within the locked-down areas, but state-wide as well, to acknowledge the lack of activity within the tourism sector as well.

While larger businesses within the locked-down areas will also be eligible for some kind of assistance.

The Treasurer says that authorities are working as quickly as possible to try and get the application process up and running but it’s not there yet.

“We are looking to set up the processing administrative process for this within two weeks.

“That will be twice as fast as NSW. NSW spent four weeks setting up their processes.

“We have looked at that very carefully inside government and we aim to get the application process going within two weeks. In a fortnight.

“We will have to put a regulation through to allow the payments to be made as well but we are getting on with the job and will do this as quickly as possible,” Mr Dick said.

For more information about the support being made available, click here.

Related article: Qld lockdown extended after another 13 local cases

The state opposition has already slammed the treasurer for his lack of action in this businesses support area and claim there’s only enough money to support about 1 in 9 Queensland businesses.

LNP Leader David Crissafulli says this should have been organised weeks ago.

“It seems the only person surprised by the lockdown is the Treasurer who has resisted our calls to have a package ready to go for exactly this situation.

“We will continue to fight for Queenslanders and put positive suggestions forward to give certainty in uncertain times.

“There must be a sliding scale of financial support to suit different sized businesses.

“Rebates must be made available for deep cleaning cover for any business that has been listed as an exposure site,” Mr Crissafulli said.