Qld govt has no idea how much border closures are costing us

It’s been revealed the state government has not done any modelling on how the Queensland border closures are effecting the economy.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has stood firm on the border closures at the advice of the Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young, despite already ‘smashing the curve’.

With just three active cases left in the state as of yesterday’s figures, the decision to keep the borders closed is gaining more and more attention, particularly from tourism businesses hoping to welcome interstate holidayers over the winter period.


The Prime Minister Scott Morrison even pleaded with states to seriously consider the economic impact of the border closures just yesterday.

Newscorp has now uncovered that the state government hasn’t modelled the impact of the border closures, despite predictions that they could cost the tourism economy around $5 billion.

Gold Coast leaders have become particularly concerned, as Qantas and Jetstar begin boosting domestic flight services.

Yesterday, the airline announced around 300 services would be added each week as the country continues easing restrictions.

But none of those are headed for the Gold Coast, with the border closures blocking interstate routes, and the flights within Queensland only going as far south as Brisbane.

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The Queensland government isn’t expected to address borders again until the end of the month.

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Ignorance is Bliss

All she’s interested in is being able to stand up at election time and claim that she beat the virus. She has no concern whatsoever for the damage she’s creating to people’s lives.

All bussinesses suffering loss of livelihood should challenge premier in court..Why don’t all the businesses go against the premier and open up it’s their livelihood

We always go on holidays In July up at sunshine coast at caloundra. And we have booked. Were from nsw .so what’s the difference between qld coming down to our boarder and we can’t go up there. Please open the boarder for school holidays from nsw to qld .

She is killing her state NSW has had no cases for a week and we are the threat. I think not she is being ignorant and her medical advisor is saying opposite to all other state medical advisors. These two are to blame for all the businesses sent broke all the job losses and the mental health of all these people.

100% correct. The pair if them will retire on exorbitant tax payer funded pensions and never have to work or worry about anthing . It is simply disgusting and disgraceful

This article just confirms how she is not a true leader and is operating as a Premier with little direction or planning in the best interest of those she is suppose to represent.

Maybe businesses should consider sueing the Premier and Chief Health Officer personally as it appears both do not have any substance with factual information to kerp the border closed let alone a plan to open them!

*Can the Premier be removed from her position as Premier if that is the wish of Queenslanders ?

The problem is we will go broke fighting with our money whilst she will use our tax money to fight us. We pay twice, God I wish she would go I just cannot belive she is in this position. Shows you how stupid voter’s actually are.

My health and families health out ways the NSW whinging yes we are all hurting but let’s see the results after all these protesters and probably anti vaxxers pans out then open it up. We all don’t want a 2nd wave to hit so we have to go thru it all again.

The Premier is slowly but surely digging her own political grave. No vote from me that’s for sure due to the fact that her border policy is destroying business and therefore jobs.

truth be told most of qld want it keeped shut ….. yes people are suffering yes people are out of work but look what happened in one day one person from another state one night in brisy and another in bundy could of infected more then 40 people easy and then the protests around the area this guy visited we wont know for a week or so till they are all found and tested …..