Qld govt passes the buck on lousy infrastructure spend

The state government says it’s not its fault the Gold Coast is getting the lowest infrastructure spend in Queensland.

New figures revealed only $807,513 million is coming our way from the state over the financial year, despite our $35.2 billion contribution to the Queensland economy.

Per head, we receive the lowest infrastructure expenditure in the state at just over $1300, while Logan and Beaudesert residents are just shy of $1600 a head.


Local LNP MP David Crisafulli says it’s crazy that the Gold Coast doesn’t get more.

“How could you possibly say that one of the tourism hubs of the nation – a place that has the growth corridor to the north, and drought stricken everywhere – how could you possibly say that that city deserves less spent on it per head of population than anywhere else in the state?” Mr Crisafulli told myGC.

Though the state government’s been quick to defend the expenditure figures, saying they have money ready to go for the light rail ($350m), which wasn’t included.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey says the state is trying to make up ground since the Newman Government, but it’s not getting enough help from the feds.

“It is absolutely the federal government that is ripping off the Gold Coast.

“They have three safe seats so they don’t spend much money on infrastructure.

“It’s the state government that’s been advocating for better infrastructure funding for the Gold Coast and delivering it.

“We need a fair funding deal on Gold Coast light rail stage three to Burleigh – it’s the lowest ever offer the federal government’s offered at 16 percent.

“Lets get a deal together and get it going, because the Gold Coast needs it,” Minister Bailey told myGC.