Qld govt slammed over reports 40 ADF soldiers have been ‘locked out’

The state government’s been blasted over another blunder involving returning Queenslanders to the state, but this time it’s our soldiers.

There are reports that around 40 ADF troops who’ve recently left Afghanistan are still stuck in Dubai, after being left high and dry by the Queensland government.

It’s understood they’ve requested to return to the Sunshine State, under the same model that allowed the NRL officials, wives and girlfriends in from interstate.


However, they hadn’t heard back from Queensland Health as of last night.

The state opposition has again slammed the government over the claims.

“We’re seeing a culture where sporting families and A-listers are welcomed in, but Queensland kids and diggers are locked out,” LNP Leader David Crisafulli said.

“It almost seems that unless you’ve got money or influence – the state government just doesn’t care about you coming home.”

The Queensland Health Minister has since released a statement saying that health authorities are now working with the ADF.

“Any request from the ADF for personnel returning from Afghanistan to quarantine in their own bubble will be granted,” it reads.

“The Queensland Government is already working with the ADF on this matter with steps being taken to ensure this can happen.”