Qld govt to hold emergency meeting over hospital’s ramping crisis

An emergency meeting will take place today, to discuss the worsening ramping crisis at Queensland hospitals.

It comes amid revelations that paramedics waited almost 10,000 hours outside hospitals during the month of February alone.

The state opposition also reports having had over 1,200 emails just in the last three days from paramedics concerned with staff shortages, wait times and overcrowding.


The Health Minister announced that an emergency meeting will take place today between key stakeholders including union representatives and consumer groups.

It’s understood Yvette D’Ath has already flagged a $15 million investment to help create 130 hospital beds around the state.

“I look forward to listening to their contributions on what else we can be doing,” Minister D’Ath told state parliament yesterday.

LNP leader David Crissafulli is already demanding that the results of the review meeting be made public.

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This is nothing new. Same sh1t different day. Haven’t we had these meetings/discussions/pow wows before on same issue?
Pretty ordinary Governance….still.

Sounds like the same BS again. More meetings for the same old problems.
Is this State Government capable or not?
I think we all know the answer.

Our State Government is doing a wonderful job.
Testing 1 2 3.

If the Government was run like any other business the board would of been sacked and most likely most of the managers would be on job seeker!