Qld govt to kick in $2M for Gold Coast superyacht berth

The Gold Coast will soon play host to a growing number of superyachts with the development of a new berth.

The State Government will chip in $2 million for the project at the Southport Yacht Club (SYC).

It’s part of their $60 million investment in the Spit Master plan, which is already underway and expected to boost tourism opportunities, improve public amenities and create jobs.


The superberth project is tipped to cost around $7.7 million, and could see up to 25 jobs created during the construction phase.

Minister for State Development Cameron Dick says many more jobs are expected to be created as a result of the project, which could be docking superyachts by October this year.

“The new berth will allow the SYC to cater for more, and larger boats, opening up the Gold Coast to some of the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts.

“This would mean the Gold Coast would be able to capitalise on superyachts leaving Japan after the Tokyo Olympics before heading to New Zealand for the America’s Cup.

“Superyacht passengers spend more when they are in town. They have a much higher onshore spend on food and beverages, dining and other experiences so we expect to see this development stimulate flow-on jobs in other parts of the Gold Coast,” Minister Dick said.

Southport Yacht Club CEO Brett James says this is a huge opportunity for the Coast’s growing superyacht industry and could  change the face of tourism on the Gold Coast.

“This berth will open the doors to visits from bigger and more expensive yachts which bring with them economic opportunities not just for the yacht club but for businesses across the region.

“More yachts mean more work for the people who service them up in Coomera, more orders for the people providing provisions to them, and more customers for restaurants, eateries and retail outlets across the Gold Coast.”

“The SYC is already a designated customs and immigration clearance point, and this project will give international superyacht owners additional reasons to drop anchor in the Broadwater,” Mr James said.

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Did SYC mention that they are attempting to annexe and fence off 10,000 sq metres of the public Jack Gordon Park to provide refuelling and other services to the richest people on the planet?. And this goes totally against the Spit Master Plan that specifically states that ‘no existing public parks will be made available for private commercial developments”.