Qld Govt to lodge appeal to keep serial rapist Robert Fardon under supervision

The Queensland Government has confirmed it will appeal a decision to allow serial rapist Robert John Fardon to live in the community unsupervised.

Fardon was granted supervised release from prison in 2007 with the current supervision orders set to expire in October.

That will mean he is no longer bound by curfews, would not have to attend counselling sessions and would not be restricted in where he can live.


It’s believed he’s been forced to live near a jail precinct with other convicted sex offenders.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath applied to the Supreme Court to have the order extended, arguing the risk of Fardon re-offending would be heightened but the court rejected the application.

Justice David Jackson ruled there weren’t reasonable grounds to extend the order after taking into account psychiatrists’ reports which found the risk of Fardon re-offending was low.

Ms D’Ath says she wants Fardon to be strictly supervised, as most Queenslanders do.

“That is why I took legal action to extend his current supervision order, which has been in place since 2013 and expires in October.” Ms D’Ath said in a statement.

“Last week my application was rejected by the Supreme Court and I immediately sought legal advice to appeal that decision.”

“I can today announce that, after weighing up this advice, I will appeal the decision not to extend his supervision order past October.”