Qld govt urged not to make same mistake twice with Gold Coast’s light rail

The Mayor is hoping the state government learns a lesson out of light rail stage three if we’re to have stage four in place by the Olympics.

The extension through to Burleigh blew out the budget by more than $300 million, and now won’t be completed until the end of 2024.

Canberra came to the rescue with an additional $126.6 million, while the state government will have to supply the rest. Gold Coast Council hasn’t had to put up any extra costs.


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The budget issues and timeline delays came down to contract negotiations, but Mayor Tom Tate says that probably could have been helped if that state began the negotiations sooner.

“With stage four if you plan early and have negotiations with contracts done early in the piece, how to do things, that’s going to be the best value for money to deliver that infrastructure.

“If you leave it to later, case and point – stage three, things do go off the rails,” Mayor Tate said on Monday.

It comes as Council’s transport and infrastructure committee will meet tomorrow to discuss plans for the stage four extension all the way through to the airport.

Mayor Tom Tate says they’re making sure everything adds up on their end, and he’ll be encouraging the state to get cracking on their part too.

“We’re jointly funding the business case study and the engineering. We put in $5 million and the state put in $5 million.

But I’m saying, once that’s done and the consultation’s done, we should do detailed engineering good enough for tendering,” the Mayor said.

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Light Rail is not wanted in Burleigh, through the headland, over Talle Creek, Palm Beach, Currumbin Creek, Currumbin and Tugun.

Locals do not want to see an extension of high density high rise on every available block within 800m of the light rail.

See the petition and more details by searching for: Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 4 – Evaluate all alternative routes and modes

sorry Gertrude but the people do want it, we just aren’t vocal about because we know that it will be going through.

the Gold Coast is a place of development and not a place stuck in the last century, there are plenty of quite towns to the north and south of the GC that will remain unchanged for decades to come and people don’t want to go there for their holidays they want to go somewhere with the latest and greatest of everything like the Gold Coast

Actually I would beg to differ. This topic is always up for discussion in different places I frequent during the week and whenever it is discussed everyone is passionately against it in our community. I talk about it often with locals and I have come across very few people that are all for it….but after educating them on the finer details “that you really have to dig for” most change their minds. And if you are talking about ‘being stuck in the last century” that sums up a tram. We want modern, flexible, environmentally conscious forms of transport.

Not a tram, cars will not disappear, just one point the unit owners along the highway where two bedrooms have one car park and the other car is parked on the highway. the majority of these unit holders have to work to pay their mortgage and to pay the $15k per year body corp fees and they also don’t work near a tram line and if they have a child then where do they park. Melbourne had their trams since 1906 and their roads were built for them , Brisbane used to have trams however they were removed as they were not practical and costs were to skyrocket.Our streets due to the development of the Gold Coast are barely wide enough for our current infrastructurePoor planning to start with and its getting worse good luck if you need an ambulance or get your garbage removed etc