Qld Greens senator Larissa Waters resigns after discovering dual citizenship

Queensland Greens senator Larissa Waters has resigned over a ‘citizenship issue’.

An emotional Waters made the announcement at a media conference on Tuesday afternoon.

“It is with great sadness that I have discovered that I’m a dual citizen and that ill be forced to stand down from my position in the senate,” she said through tears.


“I was born in Canada and I left at 11 months, my parents are Australian, I’ve never been back. I thought I was naturalised as an Australian and that I had the choice at age 21 to choose whether to be a Canadian citizen and I chose not to.

“But it seems that the law was changed a week after I was born and in fact I should have actively renounced Canadian citizenship.”

Waters recently made history as the first woman to breastfeed in parliament.

It’s the second Greens resignation in less than a week, with senator Scott Ludlam resigning after discovering that he held dual citizenship with New Zealand.