Nathan Turner did not have coronavirus, Qld Health confirms

Queensland Health has tonight confirmed that further tests have revealed Blackwater man Nathan Turner did not have coronavirus when he died.

The 30-year-old passed away in the Central Queensland town of Blackwater last week, with the health department initially stating he had returned a positive test for the virus.

How he contracted it left health authorities baffled, as he hadn’t left his home for more than three months and there had also been no cases in the town or the region.


Mr Turner was thought to be Australia’s youngest Coronavirus death, however Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young has now confirmed that Mr Turner did not actually have the disease.

In a statement, Dr Young said further tests showed the Emerald miner, who had underlying health conditions, was negative for COVID-19.

“On May 27, a post-mortem test on a man from Blackwater returned positive for COVID-19 and his partner confirmed he had been unwell with flu-like symptoms for a number of weeks,” Dr Young said.

“On that basis Queensland Health established a rapid public health response, including quarantining and testing close contacts, expanding COVID-19 testing in Blackwater and talking to the community, as it would expect us to do.

“The Coroner tonight advised that further tests have returned negative for COVID-19.

“He is yet to determine the man’s cause of death.”

It takes Queensland’s coronavirus death toll down from seven to six.

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People are catching on its fake so they trying to back track as much as they can as the terrorist government is getting undone and caught out the maggots !!

Idiot of the highest order.

We in Queensland should keep our borders closed as their is to many cases in NSW and Victoria