Qld Health cops backlash over ‘sooky’ social media post

A social media post by Queensland Health defending the state’s COVID vaccine rollout has fallen flat after the department was accused of being sooks.

The tweet was in response to criticism that Queensland was lagging behind the rest of the country.

In the first week, Queensland administered just 22-per-cent of the vaccine doses it had received, the lowest rate in Australia.


“QLD is used to being picked on by others. We saw this many times last year, even though our response remains one of the best in the world,” Queensland Health tweeted on Wednesday.

“Our response is safe, measured & sensible. That’s what QLDers expect.

“Our vaccine rollout approach is no different. This is not a race.”

But if Queensland Health was looking for sympathy, it was looking in the wrong place with social media users scathing of the tweet.

“This is why everyone picks on Queensland,” tweeted Josh Bates.

“Picked on – this is one of the most unprofessional tweets I’ve seen from a government department,” wrote DrWatsonscat.

“Queensland, u ok hun?” tweeted Leonora.

“Did an eight year old tweet this?” wrote Sherri McIver.


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The way to react is to pull your fingers out and do the job your being paid to do.If other states can vaccinate 75% then Queensland has no excuse.The sooner the job is done the safer the vulnerable will be so yes it is a race

Something that should be considered is that everyone giving the vaccine needs to do a covid administration course.

This maybe what’s slowing everything down a bit, as this course isnt a 5 minute thing.

As a nurse myself… it’s hard to fit all things in one day on top of the CPD hours we all ready have to do.

All so our injection rates might be lower because not everyone wants to have the vaccine.