Qld Health focuses on retrieving $28 million of overpayments

QUEENSLAND Health today revealed they will contact more than 14,000 former staff members over the next few months to recover almost $28 million in overpayments.

Department of Health Director-General Ian Maynard said the former staff members would either continue existing discussions or be sent a letter about overpayments they received following implementation of the payroll system.

“Although we’ve been working with some former staff members to resolve overpayments, we know many others have been waiting patiently to hear from us,” he said.


“Writing to former staff members is a way to start the discussions needed for outstanding issues to be resolved.

“I’d also really like to thank everyone who has already made arrangements to repay their overpayments. Each step we take is getting us closer to resolving this whole issue.”

Mr Maynard said new repayment options had been introduced to make it as easy as possible to repay overpayments.

“Former staff can now repay by BPAY, online with a credit card or in person at Australia Post―just like an electricity or phone bill. It’s easy and you can sort it out straightaway.”

He said it was important to finalise the overpayments, particularly given the significant concerns staff have had.

“The reality is many people just want to clear the decks and move forward without this hanging over their heads.

“However, it’s important to remember people received money they weren’t entitled to and we need to recover it.

“While this whole experience has been very hard for many current and former Queensland Health staff, it’s only fair that they repay their overpayments.”

Mr Maynard said there might be some challenges associated with contacting staff members who had left the department.

“We have no way of knowing what happened to people since they left Queensland Health,” he said

“It’s possible some may have experienced a significant change in circumstances. In any case we need to work through the process—but we’ll be making sure it is done with resp