Qld Health not worried by four new local Covid-19 infections

‘Great news’ for Queensland according to the Premier, with five new coronavirus cases diagnosed overnight.

One of those was diagnosed in hotel quarantine, meaning four were locally acquired.

All of them are linked to the Indoorapilly cluster and were in home quarantine during their infectious period.


One of those is a staff member at the Ironside school so we are still seeing first-generation cases,” Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said in this morning’s update.

“We all have to remember that the incubation period is 14 days so it is really important that people, all of those 12,000 people do stay and adhere to that quarantine as we go forward.

“Then one was a parent related to a child who attends Ironside.

“Another is a household contact of someone who attends Brisbane boys Grammar School and the fourth is another household contact of someone who attends Ironside,” Doctor Young said.

It comes as authorities continue contact tracing up around the Cairns area, which is now under a snap three-day lockdown.

They’ve so far been able to link the infectious taxi driver to a marine pilot who tested positive up there last week.

Less than 1,000 people came forward for testing up there over the last day, a number that needs to increase for authorities to make sure that all potentially infected people are in home quarantine immediately.

There’s no more information about the Gold Coaster who tested positive and then negative, while their family is still also testing negative.

However, Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young is urging Gold Coasters to stay alert.

“Down in the Gold Coast we have that one case down there that who tested positive, it is important that also, any symptoms at all, please, anywhere in the Gold Coast, come forward and get tested.

“That is really important to do today as we just work through what the risks are from that particular individual. Who came forward so quickly to get tested,” Doctor Young said.

While the Premier has hailed today’s figures as good news, there are now reports that a positive infection has popped up just over the border around Byron Bay.

It’s understood the person may have come from Queensland and perhaps even travelled through the Gold Coast.

We’re starting to hear some issues around that. We’ll wait to get more information from New South Wales,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said when asked about it this morning.

More information is expected in the NSW update at 11.00 am.

More to come.