Qld Health rejects claims woman breached hotel quarantine

Health Authorities have shut down claims a woman breached hotel quarantine just hours before testing positive to the highly contagious UK strain of COVID-19.

There were reports on Thursday afternoon that the woman, aged in her 20s, left Brisbane’s Grand Chancellor hotel to accompany her sick father to hospital.

The article claimed the woman broke protocol by using a ride-share or taxi to return to the hotel, sparking another COVID scare for the city after the woman and her father then tested positive to COVID-19.


However, in a statement released overnight, Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young confirmed all protocols were followed.

“We are concerned some early reporting has misrepresented this situation and it’s important people understand the facts,” the statement began.

“All protocols were followed in this case. Guests were transported from and returned to the hotel by Qld Ambulance Service while in appropriate PPE.

“The suggestion the person caught a ride-share back to the hotel is untrue,” the statement by Queensland Health continued.

“Full and proper COVID-19 PPE protocols were followed while these guests were in the hospital.”

Authorities said quarantine guests are transported to and from the hospital by Queensland Ambulance Service “who have been safely transporting hotel quarantine guests for almost a year”.

“We have successfully managed the quarantine of over 100,000 people in Queensland, and have not had a single case because of the movement of these people.

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So you could not go and see a dying relative from interstate or even attend their funeral.
But you can fly in from Lebanon, be in hotel quarantine then be allowed to go down to the hospital with a confirmed patient for a check up!
Get real Queenslanders you voted for this inconsistent and bumbling government.

Must have been money involved somehow. Doesn’t qld let in anyone who has money at the same time destroying families. So much corruption