Qld holiday bookings surge after border opening announcement

Great news for Queensland’s tourism industry, with a huge spike in bookings following the announcement that our borders are finally reopening.

From 1.00am on Monday, Greater Sydney will no longer be considered a ‘hotspot’ to the Sunshine State, meaning there are no more border restrictions in place.

Since the announcement yesterday, there’s reportedly been a new 100 percent increase in demand from New South Wales residents coming north.


Early predictions suggest Sydneysiders could be worth a whopping $1 million a day to the Queensland economy from next week.

However, that’s still substantially less that the $10 million a day that they used to pump into the economy back in 2019.

Yesterday, the Queensland Premier backed calls from tourism leaders asking for an extension of the job keeper payments from the federal government.

The federal treasurer has hit back at those calls this morning, saying Canberra has actually done the ‘bulk of the heavy lifting’.

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Huge spike in bookings? 100% increase from nil enquiries = ? Gold Coast Resort – nil increase in either enquiries or bookings. Can you quote the source of your information.