Home of Qld boxing champ peppered with bullets in drive-by shooting

The home of Australian boxing champion Justis Huni has been peppered with bullets following an early morning drive-by shooting in Logan.

It’s understood the incident happened just before 4am on Thursday, less than a week out from Huni’s next major fight.

At least five bullets were sprayed into the living room of the property, where Huni and nine others including a baby were asleep inside, but thankfully nobody was injured.


“It was not until my wife got up and she looked at the curtains and could see the sun coming through the curtains and she woke me up and it was obviously the bullet holes,” Huni’s father and trainer Rocki told reporters this morning.

“It was pretty scary”.

While shaken, he admits they’re just grateful no one was seriously hurt.

“If it had of been half-an-hour later it probably would have got my wife or my grandchild because that’s where they sit,” he said.

“We’ve got our grandkids with us, feeding the baby… I suppose in a way we’re fortunate that we’re not dealing with a more serious outcome”.

Police have set up a crime scene at the property as they investigate whether it may have been a targeted or random attack.

“Absolutely none… I can’t think of anything,” Rocki told reporters when questioned about any possible motive.

“My wife and I were going through in our heads had we done anything to cause this and we can’t come up with anything. It’s just so out of the blue.

“It could be someone out there that doesn’t want to see Justis succeed, so I’m really worried about that. At the moment I’m just guessing.”

The drive-by shooting comes just hours after a shot was fired at a car in the nearby area of Underwood.

An 18-year-old male driver was at a set of traffic lights on Compton Road around 9pm on Wednesday when he heard a loud bang.

He pulled into a nearby servo and notice a bullet hole in his car boot.

Queensland Police are also investigating that incident.