Qld home schooling measures could stay in place until Term 3

Queensland schools could still remain closed to a majority of students until term three, says a recent update from the Teacher’s Union.

For the first five weeks of term two, classrooms are only taking in children of essential service workers and vulnerable children, with the rest of the student body learning at home through virtual and digital methods.

Newscorp reports that the Queensland Teachers Union has written to the principals this week saying that it will push for schools to remain closed, if it guarantees the health and safety of kids and teachers.


It comes amid concern that getting kids back into the classroom too soon could have serious consequences, though federal ministers and health authorities still maintain that schools are safe.

“If health and safety is compromised – whether by lack of hygiene products or too many students attending – the union will seek to have the operation of schools suspended until the safety issue is resolved,” the update reads.

It would mean around 450,000 children would be forced to remain at home until July 13.

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Well the Teachers Union should be left to pay teachers salaries until “safety issues resolved”.
Not the government!
Or those teachers not willing to work should resign and apply for New start like the thousand of others in the same circumstance,
How many of the teachers, teaching 4500 students have tested positive to date???

Classroom contact is only a part of what teachers do. Planning, preparation, monitoring progress and providing support to students is still possible remotely. Teachers have not stopped teaching, in fact they are working to create New opportunities for learning which means they are currently doing more work than they would have done if there was no pandemic.
At schools teachers are doing their part by supervising students so parents can work when necessary. This is how they are supporting the country.

As the parent of a Grade 3 and Grade 5er, if what they are currently doing is called teaching I am a Monkey’s uncle. What a waste of time! Parents have to do most of the teaching, what is put up online is pretty hopeless anyway, instructions at a high school comprehension level, massive confusion, numerous poorly written emails by teachers who would be fired on day one in the corporate world due to their poor grammar, composition and even ability to provide direction…I could go on for hours. What an unmitigated mess!

Our teachers are being required to play an IT role as well as their general role as BEING A TEACHER.

The work is hard to put together for someone who isn’t trained to deliver it.

I have stuck to the basic Maths and English tasks (some of the English tasks I find a little “interesting” but, that’s an entirely different conversation).

From there I have assigned each child independent research (even if that research involves weeding the garden) things that they can relate to in their daily life. Last week offered a plethora of issues do dive into. ANZAC, and all that goes with it offers a years worth of study in all subject areas.

Parents, please stop complaining. These are our kids.

Yes, we want to lock them (or ourselves) in a dark room sometimes, haven’t we wanted to do that since they were born?

Let’s pull our heads in and do the most important job we have …. parenting.

But they are not in the corporate world and took on their degrees not wanting to be. They wanted to be face to face with students. U act like this is their choice to do online teaching

Sorry but your living in a fantasy world. No one is supervising the kids if the parents aren’t there. How do i know? 2 kids at home, endless frustrations trying to help them through their work and little to no “lessons” happening. Sorry but what you are saying is simply not true. I can’t work as i have to supervise my kids. Oh by the way, I am a teacher and disgusted by the way the union has pushed its own agenda at the cost of kids education.

Also, if YOU’RE a teacher you can send YOUR kids to school

If you’re a teacher why are you not at school?

Because I am a casual teacher John on call. They are not using casual teachers as only 13% of students are at school. The day all students go back is the day the phone calls will start. There will be teachers ringing in sick because they don’t want to work.

Good on you rob for speaking up. Any talk of schools remaining closed beyond 5 weeks is absolutely ridiculous and parents will not and should not stand for it in circumstances where queensland has next to no new cases of covid 19 at this time.

100% with you Rob. There are plenty of Casual teachers like myself on TRACER happy to step in. Time for schools to take all students if the parents are happy to send them.

If that’s the case then will the teacher’s union pay us parents that have to stay home and school our kids, as I am also trying to hold down my job and pick up the gap these ridiculous measures are making.
The place the teachers are most at risk is the staff room.
This union is about to become the most hated in Australia not a great place to be.
Listen to the experts classroom environment is safe.

The classroom environment is not safe. If you have kids you know how gross they are.

“Did you wash your hands?” Is the cry of Every parent when their kids leave the bathroom ….. every time!

They live snot and grot. It makes them happy!

It is disrespectful of a consistently undermined profession to suggest that we should just send the kids back. Why? Because parents are tired of them? Sounds like dreadful parenting to me, these kids must feel sooooo loved and protected at the moment. Very sad!

An “Essential Wprkwr” is anyone who has a job to go to. If you have paid work that you need to do that day, you can drop your kids off at school. I was told that by a Gold Coast principal the other day who was telling me the rules for my kids to go to school.

Exactly it seems the only one pushing their agenda is that education minister who is always in the news.There is no thought to what parents think and our kids education is suffering because of it.We are stuck in the middle here

So its a safety issue for teachers? But its okay for childcare workers? Hospital workers, bus drivers, woolies workers? Come on get back to work

Agreed! A disgraceful Union strongarm tactic that Anastasia and the gang have bowed down to, showing once again they are in bed with Unions.

My partner and I tried to supervise and work from home. We couldn’t do it so we have booked leave he has two weeks off then I have two weeks. Then we have no leave left. Either we go ahead with unpaid leave causing our family to be disvantaged financially. Or we neglect our daughters education and hope she just catches up when she returns. Oh and I should mention she has fidget and sensory issues. So we have already done the phone zoom appointments with her occupational therapist and her pediatrician about transition at this time. I don’t understand why the school lock down can not just be for schools in suburbs with recorded cases of COVID-19. Surely now that we are not had new cases in Queensland we could look at a comprise in that way. Obviously I don’t want teachers or anyone else to get sick, I understand the union is protecting their members but who is protecting and supporting families. I also understand if teachers offer an in base school program and a online system it is twice the work for them. But many times during my work life I have had to due to staff shortage taken on a second role. It really s***s but I’ve done what I needed to do at the time and it has lead to 14 or 15 hours a day shifts. I’m sure many people will say they are still doing that or have done that in the past. At least they would have an end date for when the extra shift ends and they would still get paid for it.

You, who most need assistance, are more understanding of what the teachers need. Your child would, I believe, be one who would benefit from returning to her class. So many are just sending vitriol our teachers way. Thank-you on their behalf.

Special needs are special circumstances. Her routine is very important. Xo

I believe in the home school system. Not perfect. But pushing children back into high contact situations can only escalate the community transmissions.. As do contact physical sport. How can that be a good idea. We need to keep the same physical distance rules in all situation’s. There are reasons why we do not have the high death toll.. Also many schools struggle to keep soap in the toilets.. Children also have to eat their food on the concrete ground.. No table and chairs. The Slower we take this, the less chance of community transmission. And children are contracting this dreadful virus. Look at overseas.. Also look at the countries who do not do the distancing or took to long OR now have another wave of the virus spreading and they have had to close schools again, or go into an actual lockdown, who have had thousands of people who have died from the virus.

Unfortunately it’s a wasted space. Imo more than 50% of these so called homeschoolers will have learnt nothing except how to annoy their peers.

If it’s deemed safe get back to work all the Drs the supermarket staff and bus drivers can work through it why can’t the teachers.. my boy is itching to get back to school to learn and socialise teachers need to stop being so dramatic

Stop being so dramatic? Being in a classroom with 28 students in a small confined area for about an hour. With students who don’t social distance even if you asked them to. No facilities for hand washing or sanitizers available. We still have no clear idea how the virus behaves in children and yet teachers, with no PPA, are expected to carry on like they have some sort of immunity to the virus. We’re all struggling with this situation and teachers want to go back to normal’ but we also have the right to be safe in our jobs.

So as a boss why should the company be paying for staff who are working from home to now teach the kids of these employees? They can’t work from home and also spend 6 hrs a day teaching their kids.

It seriously doesn’t take that long to finish the assigned lessons. Yay kids, there is the backyard, here is a ball.

I really think schools in far north Queensland should remain closed and parents should really take time to do their best to teach their kids at home far more safer for kids and teachers

The Teachers Union is not an authority. State and Federal government are. The science says there is no risk for children under 12. I bet you the teachers union would speak differently if the teachers would be furloughed and had to stand in line at Centrelink, amongst the parents that lost their jobs.

Well what a surprise, Qld making up their own rules then wondering why our kids’ education is so far behind the rest of the country.

I admire and respect the work teachers have put in to get this work online and available but seriously the technology is useless, kids aren’t interested and parents are not teachers.

The amount of people who are trying to juggle working from home, supervising numerous children at different year levels and struggling to do either well is absurd. We’ve got employers paying for work that is not being produced, parents who are frazzled and hanging onto their mental health my a thread and kids who are getting further behind in their education…this is a no win situation!!

If we as a state are going to be run by unions then unions need to pay teachers wages until they are back in the classroom. Why should we be juggling jobs, supervising education and paying taxes to keep teachers employed.

Enough is enough…if Anna is serious about being the next longest serving Premier in Qld than she might want to rethink her stance on kids going back to school and maybe following the National Cabinet directives and not bowing to the Unions….#lostmyvotealready

Fact check, not behind the rest of the country at all! Research time Dear.

I could explain but, time is short and life is long (we hope).

seems you have plenty of time judging by the length of time you must have spent writing the tripe in your subsequent post.

My children will stay home until their Teachers request their return. I trust their judgement rather than a government edict.

2 of my oldest friends, both of whom work from home and are more than capable of fulfilling the supervision which classwork sent by the schools needs, have chosen to send their kids back to school here in Brisbane.

This is incomprehensible to me.

Teachers are juggling and doing their utmost to provide online learning as well as general classroom lessons. Ought we pay them for doing two jobs?

Our local Chemist is now quitting her essential role so that she is able to stay home with her children. Yet my friends, a tennis coach and a commercial solicitor …. both work flexible hours from home around their partners commitments, are sending their kids to school.

How does this equate? One expert in medicinal care staying home forget kids and two ……. people I love but who just lost my respect.

What to do? Ask the Teachers, don’t tell them!