Qld imposes new restrictions on Perth travellers amid lockdown

Queensland has moved quickly to enforce travel restrictions on those from the Perth and Peel regions following news of a snap three-day lockdown.

It comes after Western Australia recorded two new cases of community transmission of coronavirus on Friday, including a Victorian man who tested positive after completing hotel quarantine in Perth.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan said the man passed the virus on to a friend he was staying with after checking out of the hotel, and is believed to have been unknowingly infectious in the Perth community for five days.


As a result, Queensland has shut its border to the two regions with only residents allowed to re-enter, however they will be required to go into hotel quarantine for 14 days.

Non-residents will require an exemption.

Those already in the sunshine state who have been in the region since 17 April are being told to get a COVID-19 test and remain at home until they receive a negative result.

Queensland Health said even after a negative test is received, anyone who has been in the Perth or Peel regions on or since 17 April will be required to remain at home or in their accommodation except for the following essential reasons until 2am Monday 27 April.

  • To attain essential goods such as food, groceries, medical or necessary supplies
  • For medical or health care purposes
  • Outdoor exercise
  • End of life visits if allowed by the facility you are attending
  • For safety reasons.

“Masks must be worn at all times when leaving your home or accommodation,” Queensland Health said.

“Queensland Health is taking a cautious approach and will continue to monitor the situation in Western Australia closely.”

People who have been in Perth or the Peel regions are also being told not to attend this weekend’s ANZAC Day Services.

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I hope they start doing this for the common cold/flu, since it’s coming in to winter.

What about other horrible diseases? – such as political correctness and Leftism! Close the border to Labor states immediately! ➡️🏛️📃


The Labor party – the disease of stupidity and incompetence!

Shut the border to the entire state now as WA has no qualms about shutting out QLD at the first sign of a sore throat.