Qld introduces tough new laws to prevent attacks on police dogs

The State Government has today confirmed tough new laws will be introduced in Queensland in a bid to protect our most faithful crime-fighting servants.

A new offence targeting people who seriously injure or kill a Police Dog or Police Horse is being created to prevent further heartless attacks on our four-legged heroes from occurring.

Under the new offence, those who hurt a police animal could be punished by up to five years in prison.


It comes following the horror attack on Police Dog Kaos, who was stabbed in the chest by two men in Brisbane last year.

“PD Kaos was severely wounded and required urgent lifesaving veterinary care,” Police Minister Mark Ryan said.

“The community was shocked by this attack and rightly so, the public has taken a special interest in this matter.

“The online community support for Police Dog Kaos and public demands for a more serious offence were quite extraordinary.”

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said our furry crime-fighting friends deserve to be protected.

“Our Police Dogs and Police Horses work tirelessly alongside our officers to protect the community and they should be protected from anyone who tries to harm them,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“Anyone who tries to hurt our Police Dogs or Police Horses should, as the Queensland Police Union have proposed, be held accountable and face serious consequences.

“We are grateful for the commitment of the Queensland Police Union and the Government in pursuing the new offence to further protect our invaluable four-legged members of the Service”.