Qld lock out laws not doing what they’re supposed to

New research has revealed that the controversial lock out laws in Queensland aren’t doing what they were brought in to do.

According to the Courier Mail, and a study led by Griffith University, the number of violent assaults have actually increased since the laws came into effect.

Three studies were conducted between 2014-2017 on the blood alcohol readings of party goers as they came and left night life districts in Brisbane.


Arrest rates from Queensland police were also analysed.

The data shows the same amount of assaults, if not more, happened in 2017 compared to the same period the year before.

For example there were 140 assaults over January and February 2017, which was 8 assaults higher than the same period the year before.

The only difference? The lock out laws.

Breath testing research also discovered that people were more intoxicated heading into the party districts, due to drinking and taking more drugs at home before hitting the town.

When questioned about the increased inebriation, people reportedly said they were trying to save money on alcohol.