Qld man caught with 90,000 child abuse images at airport

A Queensland man found in possession of almost 90,000 child abuse images while trying to board a flight from Brisbane Airport has managed to escape jail time.

The then 69-year-old man was busted by Australian Border Force officers in May 2018, after he attempted to depart Brisbane for a holiday in Italy with his partner.

After being selected for a baggage inspection, officers allegedly uncovered a USB device containing 184 CAM images, while a further 88,249 CAM images were found on the man’s laptop.


The Brisbane man was arrested and charged with attempted export of Tier 2 goods, while the matter was referred to Queensland Police for further investigation.

Following further inquiries, the man appeared in the Brisbane District Court on June 23, where he entered a guilty plea for one count of attempted export of tier 2 good, two counts of using a carriage service for child abuse material and two counts of knowingly possess child abuse material.

The man was convicted and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, fully suspended, with a two-year good behaviour bond and a $1000 recognisance.

The maximum penalty for the import or export of child abuse material is 10 years imprisonment and or a fine of up to $525,000.

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Wtf. He should be in jail for life

Bull s***,found guilty, what’s his name????

Ok David like your gonna do something lol

So as a queenslander can i leave to go to nsw and can i get home i week later without a declaration

This is a sweet little slap on the wrist for perpetuating the most heinous crime on Earth… debasing innocent children. Clearly, rape, torture, murder, kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, trafficking and selling of children is not taken seriously in Queensland/Australia… a total joke of justice and reverence for anything sacred. Can only deduce from this that the legal system is stacked with paedophiles.