Qld man evicted from Mount Panorama after doing burnout in ute

A Queensland rev head has been sent packing by police after allegedly doing a burnout at a Bathurst campsite.

According to officers, the 49-year-old man did the burnout at a campground on Mount Panorama in a Ford ute around 3.30pm on Monday.

Police from Operation Bathurst 1000 were alerted to the incident after seeing a video which was posted on social media.


“It depicts the vehicle conducting a burnout over a sealed bitumen roadway and the adjacent grassed areas,” NSW police said.

After identifying the campsite in the clip, officers tracked down the driver around 4.00pm on Tuesday and instructed him to leave the Mount Panorama precinct immediately.

He was issued an infringement notice of operate vehicle to cause driving wheel(s) to undergo sustained loss of traction.

His passes were also revoked.