Qld man guilty of road-rage murder

A man who stabbed a drunk German backpacker during a Brisbane road-rage incident has been found guilty of murder.

Jamie Saxon, 35, admitted fatally stabbing Dominik Schulze, 30, on October 6, 2017, but denied murdering him.

His Brisbane Supreme Court trial heard the fight started after Mr Schulze, who was returning to a hostel after a night of drinking, was clipped by a car driven by Saxon’s girlfriend, Jessica Wilkes.

The backpacker was struck while he stood in the middle of road with his pants down and waving his genitalia.

The court heard Mr Schulze jumped up from the ground after being hit, pulled up his pants and was aggressive when Ms Wilkes and Saxon got out of the car.

He and his friend, Jens Mennebroecker, both pushed Saxon, Ms Wilkes told the jury while giving evidence during the trial.

The men also threw punches but these did not connect because they were so drunk and Ms Wilkes tried desperately to stop the fight, the court heard.

But Saxon took a knife from the couple’s Mazda and stabbed Mr Schulze up to four times.

The backpacker’s injuries were so bad “intestines were protruding from his stomach”, the court heard.

He was rushed to hospital after 4am but died within hours.

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