Qld Maroons lead 1-0 in State of Origin thanks to thrilling second half comeback

Queensland has pulled off a remarkable come back victory, to lead the State of Origin series one-nil.

The Blues went into half time with a 10-nil lead, but a stunning second half from the Maroons saw them clinch an 18-14 win.

Straight out of the break, the Maroons took three tries in just 16 minutes.


Titans star AJ Brimson took one of those tries, the other two going to Xavier Coates and Cameron Munster.

Munster has told Channel 9 that they knew they had to stay composed to hold on for Victory.

“Well I was pretty much swearing, boys we can’t lose this, we just need to dig deep and complete and tackle hard and we did that.

“The Blues are a great outfit and they can score points all over the field, so we knew we needed to get up,” Munster said.

Daly Cherry Evans was named Man of the Match, but he’s paid enormous tribute to Coach Wayne Bennett for getting the young side ready for battle.

“I’ve never been coached by Wayne before, he’s definitely got a presence about him. and Mal – I’ve been lucky enough to be coached by him a couple of times before – and he’s got a presence amongst him as well.

“It’s not unnerving, it’s not unsettling, it makes you very comfortable and sure about yourself,” he said.

Coach Wayne Bennett, who’s returned to Origin for the first time since 2003, has thanked a 25,000-strong crowd for turning out.

“The atmosphere here tonight was outstanding, and to bring the game here, play the quality of football that was played, the quality of the game and all that, it’s a great thing for the game.

“I’m just pleased we’re here and I just want to thank all the fans for coming out,” Bennett said after the match.