Qld mother jailed for allowing repeated rape of 3yo daughter

WARNING – Readers may find details in this story confronting.

A Queensland mother has been jailed for allowing her ex-partner to repeatedly rape her three-year-old daughter to the point where she nearly died as a result of her injuries.

The 28-year-old woman, who cant be named, was sentenced to four years jail in the Brisbane District Court this morning.


It’s alleged the horrifying abuse of the young girl, who is no longer in the care of her mother, took place over a 5-month period, however it wasn’t until the girl became extremely ill that the woman’s ex-partner called triple-0 in 2009.

The court heard that the young girls injuries, including cuts and swelling to her genital area, were so severe that she would have died if medical treatment had not been sought.

The man was sentenced to 16 years behind bars in 2013.

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4 years for the mother are you kidding me!! and 16 years for the rapist is also a ridulously low sentence. That poor innocent child

They should have both received Life, with no chance of Parole, which is exactly what that little Girl received.

OMG that poor little girl. I am sorry they both need to get longer sentence then 4 and 16 years.

This is absolutely disgusting!! The sentences handed to these animals is just a joke to say the very least. What the hell is wrong with the justice system in this country?? This poor little girl now has a LIFE sentence while the trash gets away relatively scot free! One word for this…DISGRACEFUL

Our laws are far too soft, this poor little girl has a life sentence ! She won’t ever get over that, how can anyone justify such a short sentence for the mother. Three years, she will more than likely come out and have more kids, so wrong. Australia needs to wake up !

And when the mum is released, child safety will allow contact visits to commence (if they aren’t already doing so while she is in jail).

This absolutely breaks my heart! A child is a gift, a precious little soul to be nurtured, loved & supported throughout life not tortured, abused and traumatised. Our judicial system needs a serious overhaul when acts as despicable as this receive such light sentences. Unfortunately, not for the first time in my life, I am reconsidering my stance in the death penalty or at the very least sterilisation for that poor excuse of a mother. I pray that little angel as now safe and receiving the love and healing she deserves.

Very well said

That’s just absolutely wrong, I cannot believe people can do this Expecially her mother to allow her partner to do that to her precious little girl that’s just sick and disturbed … I pray that little girl gets her justice and that god blesses her and keeps her safe… It really makes me sick to even think about that … Like seriously how could you sit back knowing that is happening to your child and allow that I’ve heard of things like this happening in the world it happens all the time and these these type of people think they’ll get away with it but they never do because god sees all and they’ll suffer their consequences but I hope and pray that it stops happening … My heart melts for that little girl and I hope that she’s in safe hands now but sadly her innocence has been stolen it’s just plain evil … The lowlifes ..I’m absolutely discusted in their actions and feel powerless… There’s nothing I can do unfortunately but leave it in gods hands

Makes me sick to the stomach , they both need life, that sweet innocent child didn’t have a choice but the law does

If that had happened to the judges daughter or granddaughter, they get life in prison I bet .

They should both have been jailed for the 16 years, if not longer.

I don’t get it. A dog bites a child , it’s put down, so what is so different to theses two. They should be put down like the dogs they are. Just saying ??????????????

Did any one else notice that the mother of this precious baby girl WASNT the one to seek medical attention. And she only got four years. What a bloody joke. I’m all for the death penalty. As the saying goes… We euthanize dogs if they bite a child so why for we do the same for these heartless animals!

Im surprised he even did. Must have been thinking he’ll be deprived of being able to force further abuse

Death. Death penalty. I do not see any alternative, I am horrified beyond words.

They both should get life never to be released and hope the poor little girl goes to a loving, kind and caring family who will treat her as their own and gets all the help she deserves..God love her!!

This is absolutely disgusting what is this world coming to? They both should be sentence for life after hurting that poor baby girl. I’m horrified

The actions of this parent is unconscionable and so too, I am afraid is the courts for such a lenient sentence to the filthy piece of trash called a mother- she is just as guilty as the ex partner of this shocking, shocking crime, 4 years because she is a woman- gender bias and gender control. The child has a life sentence, why is there always an excuse or leniency towards female perpetrators? This is just absolutely horrific.

This is precisely why 50/50 custody is needed wherever possible, and mothers’ mental illness should be checked carefully when alleged in a custody fight, rather than the father simply assumed to be violent on her say-so.. Checks and balances protect children. Child support checks with no time with your own child do not.

Once again a prime example of the failure of a justice system we have in Australia

This is an absolute disgrace! The sentencing for both adults should have been life in my opinion. The sentence handed to these 2 depraved lowlifes won’t dissuade others like them, the punishment needs to fit the crime. The 3 year old has to live with this for the next 80 years or so and no-one would ever get over what her mother put her through. Surely there are ways to appeal these sentences, the justice system has completely let this little girl down. Any crime against children should be given the maximum sentence. I am disgusted, angry and upset about this.