Qld motorists better protected under new ‘lemon laws’

Queensland motorists who buy a faulty car will be better protected thanks to new ‘lemon laws’ being introduced in State Parliament today.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the new laws will give drivers peace of mind and the ability to claw back tens of thousands of dollars in losses.

“Cars are one of the biggest costs to Queenslanders and we know the emotional and financial burden for those who are unlucky enough to have bought a defected dud which constantly needs repair,”  Mr Turner said.


It’s understood the laws would see the vehicle value owners could take to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal increased from just $25,000 to $100,000.

It would also see the reintroduction of statutory warranty for second-hand purchases.

“These new laws go a long way to protecting car owners who’re able to go to court if they bought lemons worth up to $100,000, and we’re pleased to see these rights extended to motorcycles, motorhomes or caravans,” Mr Turner said.


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wish this was introduced sooner since I bought a car that turned off while I was driving just after I bought it then kept turning off as I was driving and they said they didn’t know why and called me hostile for complaining and no one would help saying I should of had it checked before I bought it.. logan is hotspot for lemons

The vehicle manufacturers have a lot to answer for with many issues with new cars never fixed and their refusal to issue recalls and admit there is an issue with their vehicles. The biggest problem in issues which occur on and off and when you take it there … guess what … it does not do it… very frustrating. Used cars are a completely different issue where you should do checks before purchase on internet for any faults and reviews of the vehicle and check government recall sites etc.