Qld motorists offered incentive to switch to electric

Queenslanders will be enticed to buy an electric car with the state government unveiling a $3000 subsidy in a bid to make them a bit more affordable.

The subsidy will be available from July 1 but will only be available on electric vehicles valued at up to $58,000.

That means there are only six models that the subsidy will apply to including the Hyundai Ioniq, Hyundai Kona, Nissan Leaf, MG ZS and BYD.


“This doesn’t apply to luxury vehicles, people who can afford those vehicles can afford to pay those prices,” Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said.

“We want to see the more standard kind of vehicle and there’ll be more models in that cheaper range released this year.”

Mr Bailey concedes the price of many electric vehicles is prohibitive for a lot of people wanting to make the switch but is confident the subsidy will get many potential buyers across the line.

“I think the $3000 incentive will tip the balance for quite a lot of people weighing up whether they should buy a new technology car or an old technology car and that’s what we want to see.

“We want to see more clean energy vehicles on our roads to reduce emissions and act on climate change and this is a really positive way of doing that.”

The state government is also committing $10 million to expand the number of public charging stations across the state in conjunction with local councils and the private sector.