Qld motorists warned of increased transport fees

Motorists are being warned of an increase in various transport costs that are coming into place from tomorrow.

For the new financial year, a raft of changes to licence fees, registration costs and toll prices will go up.

But the better news is that the raises will be below the national inflation rate of 2.2 percent.


For example, a one year licence which cost $80.70 over the past year will go up to $82.15.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith says the rises are still relatively low.

“We know a lot of household budgets are hurting right now as we recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19, so it’s pleasing to see these changes will keep cost of living growth at some of the lowest levels seen in the nation.

“Licence costs will increase by 1.8 percent, taking the fee for a five-year driver licence to $183.85, up from $180.70,” Ms Smith said.

Queensland driver licence fees:

Licence duration Cost at 1 July 2019 Cost at 1 July 2020
1 year licence $80.70 $82.15
2 year licence $112.50 $114.55
3 year licence $139.20 $141.70
4 year licence $161.05 $163.95
5 year licence $180.70 $183.95

The state’s peak motoring body is still urging the government to consider freezes on registration costs, which are some of the highest in the nation.

“We’re relieved fees are only going up by 1.8 percent, but what we really wanted to see was no increase at all to help alleviate the pressure on household budgets.

“From tomorrow, the cost of keeping a 4-cylinder car registered will jump to $392.85 a year and to keep a 7 or 8-cylinder vehicle on the road will cost more than $800 annually.

“We understand the challenges facing the Government at this time, but we would urge it to reconsider the increase and implement a three-year freeze on vehicle registration costs,” she said.

Queensland registration fees (including traffic improvement fee):

Cylinders Cost at 1 July 2019 Cost at 1 July 2020
4 cylinder $385.90 $392.85
5 or 6 cylinder $577.60 $588.00
7 or 8 cylinder $785.95 $800.10

While tolls will also be going up, particularly for Brisbane toll roads except for the AirportLink M7 and Legacy Way tunnel.

“The cost of a trip in Legacy Way tunnel will actually increase above CPI, to $5.70 as part of an agreement to help fund the $60 million upgrade to the Inner City Bypass.

“Time of day tolling has also been introduced in Legacy Way for Class 4 vehicles (heavy commercial vehicles), which means between 5am and 8pm drivers will pay $17.09, compared to the off-peak price of $15.09.

“The good news is Transurban is extending its toll credit program and from 1 July it will provide up to three months of free tolls for customers who’ve lost their jobs, had a significant reduction in hours, or for small businesses that are struggling. We welcome this assistance for commuters in need,” Ms Smith said.


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