Qld newspaper slammed for publishing Premier behind a shooting target

A Queensland newspaper has come under fire this morning, for a picture on yesterday’s front page which depicted the State’s Premier behind cross hairs.

The Queensland Government has complained to the Australian Press Council for the depiction, which suggests a Labor leadership in Queensland has numbered days.

The photo, on the front page of the Sunshine Coast Daily – a Newscorp publication – came next to the headline ‘Anna, you’re next’.


Newcorp has reportedly refused to apologise to Annastacia Palaszczuk and the article is still live online.

State Minister for Women Di Farmer told reporters today the editor is showing poor judgement of the situation by keeping it up online.

“I would like the editor of the Sunshine Coast Daily to speak to even one woman, who’s been a victim of domestic violence or violence of any kind and to say that they still feel OK about encouraging this sort of attack on a woman who happens to be the Premier of Queensland,” Minister Farmer said.

Ms Farmer went on to say that the paper has gone past all acceptable boundaries, though the editor doesn’t have a problem with it.

“I know the Premier’s office wrote to the editor of the paper yesterday and asked him to withdraw.

“He’s response was that he reflected the sentiment of the federal election,” Ms Farmer said.

Meantime, the response on social media seems to share the State’s disgust.