Qld nursing home locked-down after gastro outbreak

A BRISBANE nursing home has been placed into lock-down following a serious gastroenteritis outbreak.

Casa Dámore in Coorparoo was locked-down on Saturday after the first signs of the outbreak were detected.

The centre’s 100 residents have been confined to their rooms ever since.


Visitors have also been restricted as management works to control the spread of the illness.

Symptoms usually start within 1-3 days of coming into contact with the bacteria or virus and include diarrhoea which can last up to 10 days, and nausea and vomiting that may last a day or two.

People with gastroenteritis can still spread the virus up to 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped.

Owners of the Coorparoo facility Vacenti said it was in “daily contact” with Queensland Health.